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Fred Kachelhofer

Fred has been doing woodwork since he was knee high to a cricket. Born in 1938 his youth years were during WWII and the Post War Years. Metal and plastic was not available during the time frame so Fred resorted to making many of his toys. He made rubber guns, sling shots and wood airplanes that would not fly. He would even hand carve propellers that could be wound up with a rubber band. The propeller could actually make a wind when turned loose. Fred’s dad had a shop and apple crates and other scrap wood served as a source for his works. Fred could use the shop as long as he put everything back in place and cleaned up the work space. On graduating from Georgia Tech with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in 1963 Fred was able to start acquiring his own shop equipment. He now has almost every tool needed to make just about anything he wants but continues to add to the shop when possible. Fred really enjoys making things “from scratch”. He will use plans where needed but really enjoys making things to fit a specific purpose or idea. Fred has won awards at the Georgia National Fair with his original art work. In looking through his pictures you will not find anything that was built from plans. All work is his original design. At times Fred has worked with clients to get their input into what they want with their project. Fred and Becky have been married for 49 years and has two sons, 3 grandchildren and 1 great-granddaughter.

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