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Project ID, Middle GA Chapter

Project ID, Middle GA Chapter

Join us as we change lives, one ID at a time. Project ID assists community members in obtaining photo IDs that help them lead fuller lives, including access to jobs, housing, medical care, and more.

Our current volunteers regularly work during the hours of 8am-4pm Monday through Friday. The workload can be like light case work. The average case takes about 4 hours, including travel time, which is usually spread out over the course of a week or two. Volunteers are not required to do all the work for a single case and may share the load with other volunteers. Once volunteers are trained up and comfortable with their skill level, and they can set their own hours/schedule. Ideally volunteers will work together in pairs. You will never be asked to do anything on your own until and unless you are comfortable doing so.

Typical tasks include the following:
Tabling events for recruiting volunteers and/or new clients
Intake interview with new client in person or over the phone
Ordering birth certificate with client online or in person at the Department of Health
Obtaining medical records (to get social security card) with the client at a clinic or hospital
Applying for a replacement Social Security Card at the Social Security Administration office
Applying for ID at the Department of Driver Service in person with the client
Storytelling – telling a client’s story in order to promote the chapter/organization
Registering eligible clients to vote

There are some required online training mo

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