Storytellers Presents: The Dog Days of Summer

Storytellers Presents: The Dog Days of Summer

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For many, the “dog days,” evoke those summer days that are so devastatingly hot that even dogs would lie around on the asphalt, panting. But originally, the phrase had nothing to do with dogs, or even with the lazy days of summer. Instead, the dog days refer to Sirius, the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major, which means “big dog” in Latin and is said to represent one of Orion’s hunting dogs. People come up with other explanations for why they’re called the ‘dog days of summer. The meaning has been lost but the phrase goes on.
Come and tell your stories about dogs, or Summer, or the dog days of summer. If you have a story – we want to hear it.
FEATURED STORYTELLERS: Sonja Tillman & Christie Flowers
SERVICE PROJECT ALERT: Storytellers Macon is asking our guests to bring items that can be donated to organizations taking on the task of helping our canine friends.
To sign up to tell a story:
* Signing up prior to the event is encouraged
* Stories are limited to 5 minutes per person
* Please be mindful of bringing children that stories are uncensored, except for hate speech.

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