Oct 01 2022
MBC Showdown Oct 2022

MBC Showdown Oct 2022

Presented by Swagged Out Nerds at South Bibb Recreation Center

We’re hosting with Macon Bibb Parks and Recreation to run tournaments! Also, it’s part of the official Middle GA gaming circuit called Road to Isekai Tour Road to Isekai is a special Middle GA Fighting Game Circuit run by Reboot Retrocade Gaming and Swagged Out Nerds. The tour will take place from July 2022 all the way to March 2023, where the finals will be held at the next Cherry Blossom Festival Isekai Tournament. The games that are featured are: SFV, T7, GGST and SSBU. There are 3 Tiered Events that players will attend to throughout to tour to gain ranking points.

Admission Info

Phone: (910) 320-0999

Email: swaggedoutnerds@gmail.com

Dates & Times

2022/10/01 - 2022/10/01

Additional time info:

Ranking Points/Finals

For the finals, there are 16 slots:
15 filled for top 15 ranking points; 1 from last chance qualifier event

Tiered Events

Tier 1: Nerds Cup (Quarterly event)
Tier 2: Reboot (monthly event)
Tier 3: MBC Showdown (more frequent)

Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Guilty Gear Strive are the featured games with the latter rotating in future events. Setups will be provided, but we highly advise players to bring their own controllers.
Registration/Fee Information

Venue fee: $12; game fee: $5 per game
32 Players cap for both games!
Registration STARTS AT 10:30AMCLOSES AT 11:30AM for BOTH GAMES; tournament starts at 12 PM!!

NOTE #1:

Please contact TOs ahead of time if traffic, other issues will cause delay. Otherwise, if you fail to show up once registration closes, then we’ll no longer add any more entrants
End of the 1st round of winners to arrive for first match; will be sent to losers if fail to arrive within 5 mins by then
End of the 1st round of losers to arrive for losers match; will be DQ’ed if fail to arrive within 5 mins by then

NOTE #2:
Players from the same city/region and/or sponsor, please make sure the information is on your profile so there won’t be unfair seeding!

Also, if you have any questions, comments and/or concerns, please report any of the MBC staff, TO’s or Swagged Out Nerds staff. We thank you guys in advance for your cooperation!

Location Info

South Bibb Recreation Center

7035 Houston Rd, Macon, GA 31216