Phillips Children's Performing Arts Studio

Phillips Children's Performing Arts Studio

Dance - Kids/Family - Music - Traditional Arts




 905 Main Street, Macon, GA 31217

The Phillips Children’s Performing Arts Studio (PCPAS) serves ages 3 to young adult. Students are taught prescribed lessons in all Genres. Dance classes: ballet, tap, liturgical, jazz, hip hop, African dance and Mime. Music students are taught prescribed lessons in piano, guitar, percussion, saxophone and violin. All students are taught lessons in etiquette and public speaking. Selected students (teens ages 13 – Young Adult) are trained to become Ambassadors. Ambassadors must be in good standing in school, community and home, passing in all subjects and have the ability to compete in oratorical and written contest. Ambassadors meeting all criteria are selected each year to PAGE for the Senate and House General Assembly at the Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia. We take pride in selecting and developing our advanced and highly skilled instructors/performers known as the “Phillips Elite Dancers”, a dynamic group committed to their craft and teaching profession. Our music staff has over 150 combined years of experience and expertise. They are an awesome talented group of seasoned adults who take pride in producing young musicians at an early age. Sabrina Brown-Purnell, Manager Richard & Gwen Phillips, Owners/Directors