J R Bodell Sculpture

J R Bodell Sculpture

Website: http://jrbodellsculpture.com


 323 Buford Place, Macon, GA 31204

Working in three dimensional space has been a passion since my youth and visualizing objects from all angles comes easily to me. My mentors were my father in his woodworking shop and my sculpture professor, Jan Zack, at the University of Oregon.

My approach to artwork is based on the ancient guild craftsman approach. I felt that I must thoroughly understand the materials and the processes before embarking on a career in sculpture. After graduation, I wanted to learn how to fabricate metal. I applied and was accepted into the Steamfitters Union Local 290 in Portland, Oregon and became a fitter/welder, working in paper mills, petroleum tank farms, chemical and micro-electronics facilities. After 25 years working in this trade, I retired and am now working full time as a sculptor.

My links to the past are evident in my choices of materials. I am coaxing forms from structural steel, process piping, ferrocement, plexiglass, non-ferrous metals, wood, and wood pulp. Surface treatments include chemical patinas, industrial enamels, natural oxidation, encaustic waxes, pigmented oils and more.