MadHorse Urban Music Agency

MadHorse Urban Music Agency



 Macon, GA

Did you know that “horse” in Japanese is “uma”? Well, for us, UMA stands for “Urban Music Agency”, and we’re all about finding and securing work for Macon’s urban music artists.

Representing local artists and producers of the hip-hop and r&b genres, MadHorse has a mission to build relationships between local businesses and local artists so that they can grow economically together.

MadHorse is a partner of the Macon music collective The MADvocates, an alliance of artists committed to establishing a standard for Macon’s urban music scene that is marked not only by creative ability, but dedication to improving the quality of life for Macon’s citizens.

MadHorse advocates for fair and consistent pay for local artists and provides incentives for artists who commit to the welfare of our city and the businesses who book these acts.

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