Phillips Children's Performing Arts Studio

Phillips Children's Performing Arts Studio


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 448 Edgewater Drive, Macon, GA 31220

The Phillips Children’s Performing Arts Studio (PCPAS) serves children ages 3 – Young Adult. Our students are taught prescribed lessons in all Genres (ballet, tap, creative dance, liturgical dance, jazz, hip hop, mime and Ballroom dancing (Waltz and Rumba)). Students taking music are taught prescribed lessons in piano, guitar, percussion, violin, flute and saxophone. All students are taught lessons in Etiquette: Basic manners 101 (students cannot participate in any PCPAS recitals, events and/or programs without taking etiquette classes). Students are also taught public speaking and theater.

Selected students (teens ages 13 – Young Adult) are trained to become Ambassadors (Ambassadors criteria is of high standards: Students must be in good standing in school, community and home, and have the ability to compete in oratorical and written contest). Ambassadors meeting all criteria will be selected each year to PAGE for the Senate and/or House General Assembly at the Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Phillips Performing Arts Elite Dancers aka "Phillips Elite Dancers" are an awesome, talented, energetic and dynamic group (age category: teens, college students and young adults) who strive to be better than the best. All members auditioned for their positions and live for the next opportunity to perform. The "Phillips Elite Dancers" are becoming a household name locally and nationally; performing for major community events, school districts, churches, organizations and theaters.

We have dedicated and certified instructors with over 200 years of combined experiences. Our instructors and staff work as a team to ensure that all students learn and perform at their best.

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Phillips Children's Performing Arts Studio

448 Edgewater Drive

Macon, GA 31220