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Peyton Anderson Statue

The Peyton Anderson Statue commemorates Peyton Took Anderson Jr. (1907-1988).

By 1951, Peyton Tooke Anderson, Jr. (1907-1988) of Macon, Georgia, owned his own newspaper, its building, and its press. The Telegraph and News had a reputation as an independent and creative publication. When it was sold to Knight Newspapers in 1969, Peyton exclaimed, “I’d done it all” (p. 110).

In 1907 Peyton, Jr. was born.  In the summer of 1916, Peyton, Jr. had his first job as an office boy. When the Macon News failed in 1929, William and Peyton, Sr. his father, purchased it. Although the Macon Telegraph, Macon News, and Sunday Macon Telegraph and News were purchased by General Newspapers Services, Peyton, Sr. retained one-third of the stock and was named president of the Telegraph News Corporation. Peyton, Jr. was in military service in 1944 when his father died, but upon his return he was made publisher of the Macon Telegraph and News. In 1951 he bought out General Newspapers and celebrated the 125th birthday of the paper.

The skill that enabled the Andersons to rise to prominence in Macon and middle Georgia is evident in the sage advice Peyton, Sr. and his brothers gave to the young man: “Treat the lowliest and the highest with the same consideration you would ask for yourself or show your own family if you were called upon to write a story about them. Let us always endeavor to make people and not break them.” Subscribers were considered stockholders.

Peyton, Jr. was a family man. From the

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