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Keith Lambert

I started drawing around the age of 7. I was intrigued when a friend in elementary school brought a picture to school that his dad had drawn and given to him. My next earliest memory of art admiration was when my dad and three brothers drew several pictures and created a collage out of them. These experiences stirred something on the inside of me. I started out drawing cartoons while watching TV. My love for drawing continued to grow as I was introduced to comic books. I admired the artwork of comic books and wanted to emulate the artists’ techniques and skills. I would draw for hours trying to hone my drawing abilities to match that of various comic book artists’ skill and meticulous attention to details they displayed in their artwork. I took an art class in high school where I learned a more formal way of creating art. It was then, that I was introduced to and became interested in other forms of art and mediums. My comic book art mainly introduced me to different types of techniques using drawing pencils, color markers, color pencils and ink. In high school art class, I became proficient in pastels (chalk and oils), charcoals, and oil paints. I started an online art course with the Art Instruction School, but had to quit when I joined the United States Navy. In my mid- twenties, I started painting with a group of enthusiastic local artists in my home town of Waynesboro GA. The instructor of the group taught me valuable techniques about painting with oils. Oils, with their

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